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History Of Our Company

In 2015, we started Rose Gulf Landscaping LLC because we love making outdoor spaces look amazing. We believed that if we design gardens and swimming pools just right, they can make any place look and work better. Our team loves what we do, and over time, we've grown our passion into a real business.

We've worked on many projects, like creating beautiful gardens and cool swimming pools. Each project is like a painting, where we use nature and design to make spaces not only look good but also be more useful. It's not just about finishing tasks; it's about turning ideas into real, living places that people can enjoy.

The best part? Our clients trust us. They know we care about making their outdoor dreams come true. From the beginning, we wanted Rose Gulf Landscaping LLC to be more than just a name. It's a journey of turning ordinary places into extraordinary ones. Whether it's a garden or a swimming pool project, we believe every space, big or small, can be amazing.

As we keep creating beautiful places in Dubai, we invite you to be part of this journey. Check out the wonderful gardens and swimming pools we've crafted. Connect with us and let Rose Gulf Landscaping LLC bring vibrancy to your outdoor dreams.

About Us

At Rose Gulf LLC, we’re not just builders; we’re dream architects, turning your pool vision into reality. Beyond creating stunning pools, we stand as a committed Pool Cleaning Company, ensuring your oasis stays crystal clear. With meticulous attention to detail, our comprehensive Pool Maintenance services guarantee the enduring beauty of your aquatic haven. From designing and building your dream pool to keeping it pristine and providing expert maintenance, Rose Gulf LLC is your trusted partner at every step. Rose Gulf LLC, Excited to dive into your project, tell us more about your project and we will get back to you instantly for design and build or maintenance.


At Rose Gulf LLC, our mission is to transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking, sustainable environments that captivate the senses and enrich the lives of our clients. Through innovative landscaping solutions, we strive to create harmonious, eco-friendly landscapes that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued customers. We are committed to enhancing the beauty of every outdoor space we touch, while promoting environmental responsibility and fostering a connection between people and nature.


Our vision at Rose Gulf LLC is to be the premier choice for exceptional landscaping services, setting the standard for creativity, professionalism, and sustainability in the industry. We aim to be recognized as a leading force in transforming outdoor spaces into works of art, combining artistic design with ecological mindfulness. By consistently exceeding customer expectations, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement, we aspire to be the go-to landscaping company for individuals and businesses seeking excellence in outdoor aesthetics.

Our Team

What People Say

This is definitely one of the best companies out there, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for fast quality services at affordable cost. Thanks for the amazing technical support and quality design!

Michael Moore

Los Angeles, CA

It has been great working with your technical support and amazing people who know what they do. All my questions and requests were addressed effective immediately, and I am so grateful for your service!

Andrew Smith

Hartford, Connecticut

Being able to swim in a luxury swimming pool at your own place is amazing! And I know for sure that the quality of service and technical experience of your company is the best. Thank you for everything!

Garret Johnson

Atlanta, GA


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